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Title: A Change of Stars
Author: Prentice aka [personal profile] slyprentice
Rating: PG-13, for language. Gen
Pairing: K/S pre-slash/friendship
Status: WIP
Spoilers: Star Trek XI, Star Wars
Warning: Crossover madness. Wookies. Corellian Brandy. Jim as an idealistic young cadet padawan.
Summary: Based on a prompt by [ profile] yami_no_kabi. Written for the [ profile] st_xi_kink meme, found here.
Word Count: 789 for this part [1, 580 in total]
Disclaimer: Neither of these will ever be mine and if they were then James T. Kirk would surely say, at least once, ‘have you ever made it with a wookie?’ because that’s the kind of person I am.
A/N: Many thanks to yami_no_kabi for providing such an awesome prompt for the kink meme. This is my first time writing Trek fic and I’m already having a blast.

Feedback is always welcome, as well as those pointing out any flubs I might have missed before posting.
[Part 1]


[Part 2]

The cold vastness of space had never bothered Spock – to be bothered by something was illogical; as space was not a being that could be cut down or forced into submission – and so when his master had bid him to travel to a mostly uncharted sector of the universe, to a star base of which he knew very little, it did not occur to him to be apprehensive. He was an experienced pilot, after all, and while he was not fully trained in all ways of the Sith, he was a formidable opponent and apt at causing extensive amounts of damage to any species that chose to challenge him. A terrible miscalculation on their part – to challenge him so – but one that he considered a valuable step towards becoming a better and more proficient Sith Apprentice and, eventually, a Sith Lord, who would turn his eyes to the Federation that failed to keep alive what was most precious to him.

Folding his hands behind his back, his double-sided lightsaber a lightweight against his hip and thigh, Spock stared out the plexiglass window of his cockpit, watching as stars passed in a blur of motion. Autopilot was set and would be so for a least another 91.12 seconds, an ample amount of time to stand and stretch muscles that had not been used for the duration of this journey. It also gave ample amount of time to re-exam his master’s instructions:

The battle droid fell easily beneath the arched swing of his lightsaber, its red glow shining in the yawning darkness of the Narada’s training facility, and landed sparking and smoldering next to the decimated remains of its brothers. A quick flash of sparks flew from the droid’s metal casing, the acrid smell of fried circuitry permeating the air, before all was silent. Disengaging his lightsaber, Spock slide seamlessly back into position, breathing steady and unchanged. He was getting better, more skilled, more powerful.

“Very good, Spock. Very good.”

Inclining his head, Spock turned, robes billowing around him as he flowed to one knee, his head bowed respectfully. Heavy footsteps moved towards him, the clomping of boots against metal echoing into nothingness. A hand touched his hair, fingertips brushing the pointed tips of one of his ears, a thumb sweeping a lock of hair.

“What is thy bidding, my master?”

The hand moved again, fingers digging hard into his skull, before pulling away. Spock remained still, neither missing the hand nor abhorring it. He simply breathed.

“Rise, Spock. I have a mission for you.”

Regaining his feet, he stared at his master, taking in the dark liquid eyes, the wicked grin, and strange tattoos that decorated the man’s skin. They were as he always remembered them to be: unchanged by time and the elements. “Master?”

“What do you know of the gamma sector, my apprentice?” Darth Nero asked, his voice an odd mixture of gravel and the poisonous venom of a predator.

Blinking, Spock holstered his saber. “Very little, Master. It is largely uncharted. There is one star base near a Federation Class M planet, with the few other close range planets being considered Class H, uninhabitable to humans.”

“Very good. You will leave to the gamma sector immediately. I have already had Ayel prepare your ship. I want you to visit this star base, see if the Federation is as lax in its security as they were with the one nearest Arakkis Prime. Report to me immediately all that you find.”

“And if I find nothing, Master?” Spock queried, expression blank.

Something feral glittered in his master’s eyes as he turned, lips pulling into a terrible smile. “Don’t worry, Spock. You will.”

The high-pitched beep of the Jellyfish’s autopilot preparing to disengage pulled Spock from his ruminations and propelled him into motion. Unclasping his hands, he moved towards the command chair, sliding easily into the seat even as his fingers glided easily over the console, lithely pressing buttons and toggling view screens. He would be entering gamma sector space in three…two…one…

A large chunk of metal hull careened towards the Jellyfish, its edges scorched and torn. Spock banked hard starboard, the strange sound of metal scraping metal loud inside the small confines of the cockpit. Proximity alarms and alerts began to sound. An electronic voice announced shields at forty percent. Scattered debris – small to large bits of durasteel and hull – drifted chaotically in space, forcing Spock to maneuver on instinct alone through the minefield that once was the location of gamma sector’s star base.

Another sizable piece of hull, this one sporting large painted letters, drifted past almost lazily, twirling in a cartwheel. Blinking, Spock continued to guide his ship, mind and body steady and unmoved. “Fascinating.

TBC in Part 3