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10/4/20 15:55
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LJ recently moved it's servers to Russia and changed it's Terms of Service. There's an article on Gizmodo here and on another site here. I've had some people ask if we are going to move the Comm to another site. At the moment, no we don't. But I wanted to get opinions on the matter.

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Prompt for 2017-10-22

22/10/17 11:36
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Today's prompt is "a disturbed night".
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Hi guys, I'm looking for a story I read years ago and can't seem to re-find so maybe its been deleted.

Jensen is mugged and Jared finds him in an ally or something on Christmas Eve. He has a dislocated shoulder, Jared takes him to the hospital and stays with him even though he's a complete stranger and Jensen is sure he has better things to do etc.

That's pretty much it really. Thanks in advance :)
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Hey! First time making my own post in here, hoping someone could help me out?
Looking for a wincest fic I read about a year ago. Sam was a senior(?) in hs, Dean in his early 20s, and John is dead. There was a vague flashback of John being killed by a monster in a bathroom while Dean was there, and I think Dean was found bleeding in the bathroom - Dean's got a permanently(?) messed up leg from it and some ptsd. However!!! what I remember most was Sam has feelings for Dean, doesn't wanna tell him, Dean is a chaperone on Sam's field trip to the zoo, Dean works at an auto shop and is having sex with his boss?
Anyone?? Y'all would have my undying love if any of you know what fic I'm talking about. Thank you!!!
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Another podfic request

19/10/17 22:21
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one more casuality of the audiofic crash is Twists and Turns by [livejournal.com profile] tcs1121 and read by [livejournal.com profile] chemm80.
If anyone has a copy, any format, and wouldn't mind sharing I'd be ever so grateful if you'd send me a copy.
My email address is eloryj@yahoo.com.

thank you.
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Hello! **General warning #2 mentions physical abuse

I'm currently searching for two fics that I read forever ago and am kicking myself for not bookmarking them.... They're both AUs, are Dean and Castiel pairing, and I THINK I read them on AO3.

1. It's almost a Western!AU and Dean is an Omega and is relegated to the more "feminine" tasks from back then, and it definitely bugged him. I remember that he was really close with Mary and that Sam was an alpha who was courting Jessica. He didn't want any of the alphas from town and decided to find an alpha from a Singles Ad in a magazine. Obviously, it's Cas and he's looking for an omega who can help raise his kids because his wife died. They exchange letters and even scent tokens. I know there was mpreg between a side pairing, and at one point three people break into their cabin/home.

2. I can't remember why but Sam and Dean weren't hunting together and weren't in contact. I think Sam ran into Dean in a supermarket and it shocked Dean so much he ran home and freaked out in front of Cas. He wanted to leave because Cas is a creature; I can't remember what but I remember he had wings, so maybe a dragon.... Jess and Sam go over for dinner and Sam and Dean end up arguing because Dean didn't want to tell Sam what was wrong (that John used to ab use him). At one point Sam calls John and he wants to kill Cas. I'm trying super hard to remember and I'm hoping I'm not mixing two stories up.

If anyone could help me with either of these that would be amazing! Thank you so much :)

scifi fic search

19/10/17 21:44
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Hey guys just read Gemini Rising
By aletheo and really loved it. Are there any more scifi fics that have them this powerful soldiers?? And I would love some fics with psychic schools (no superhero schools) or academy. Gen or wincest good too. Please no destiel. And I've read veterans of psychic war. Its a good fic and close to what I've asked about.

Delicious reqs

19/10/17 00:13
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Dear Mods, I apologize in advance if this is not the right forum to ask this. I have been searching a lot of stories based on tags that are listed on this comm, however, I keep running into recs for more stories listed on Delicious (a lot of recommendations to go to lists there) but I have never been able to connect to one of the links. Is Delicious no longer available? I'd hate to lose access to what seems like a treasure load of stories.

Again, I apologize if this is not the right forum to ask this question. I'm just hoping to be able to find some really good stories that have been recommended.

Thank you in advance for any guidance you can offer. (Sorry, not sure I tagged properly.)

Question answered - Thank you!


17/10/17 21:25
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Does anyone have a link to a fic where Jared is an ex con and Jensen is in a relationship with JDM and Jared and Jensen double cross JDM for a large sum of money? I think it was a movie remake, but the title escapes me ATM.

Thanks in advance.
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It was posted very recently, to Tumblr if I recall correctly! About the reader (Y/N) who was an old flame of Jared's, but they had broken up some time before. She was now working in a bar and singing one of her own songs when he came in and surprised her, and while she was reluctant to open up old wounds she couldn't help herself but take an interest in his current life acting on Supernatural. She was insecure about the fact Jared had become a big star and she'd been left behind, when he was the reason she'd moved to Vancouver in the first place. Jared had recently broken up with Gen, and so seemed interested in reigniting a relationship with the reader.

Chapter one ended with them exchanging numbers, and Jared sending the reader off in a taxi taking her home. He offered to drive her but she was insistent on taking a taxi so that Jared didn't find out she lived in a dump and was having money troubles.
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and held prisoner. I was reading "Gritty and Bleeding" by hunters_retreat(very good story btw), when I remembered reading this story some time ago. I cannot remember if it was a WIP or not. Sam is kidnapped from school by a demon who made himself look like Dean. By the time Sam realized it was too late and they threw him into a van. He was taken to an out of the way place (an abandoned psych hospital) and kept him in a room. In either total darkness or total light and they were trying to make him into the perfect vessel for Lucifer.

John and Dean never give up looking for Sam. I think, a hunter friend, finally gives them a tip to where Sam has been hidden for about two years. If my memory serves me correct, he had violated Sam while Sam was being held in the the totally dark room. I remember John killed him for what he had done to Sam. Sam was totally messed up and extremely angry.

This is all I can remember from the story and I may not have it all correct. It would be appreciated if someone recognizes some of it and can give me a title and author. Thanks in advance if it rings a bell to someone.

shifter sam

17/10/17 13:00
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I feel like I just read this. What's the one where Sam is kept by demons (maybe?) and Dean kills the demons and lets Sam out, thinking he's just a dog? But Sam is a shifter. He takes a bullet for Dean, transforms, and Dean almost kills him but has a change of heart. Later we find out John had killed Sam's family. Any idea?

Prompt for 2017-10-17

17/10/17 19:50
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Today's prompt is 'did you miss me?'.
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Hello everyone!

I hope somebody can help me find this one. I remember it being posted at AO3 and it was - at that time - a regurlarly updated WIP. Jared was quite curious about BDSM and he hired Jensen, a professional DOM, for one session. A couple of days later, he starts his internship in a company and Jensen turns out to be his superior. They both work on the financial department, if I am not mistaken. Jared is shocked by the encounter but they do talk discretly about the issue and decide they can work together. Jensen is very in control and a litlle standoff-ish to Jared in order to separate what happened from their work. There's a lot of UST and then they get together - or at least have more sessions together - but Jensen warns Jared he will keep his work as a DOM. I remember they fought or Jared wasn't really happy about because he has fallen for Jensen. That's when I lost it! It was detailed and well written!

Thanks in advance.

Prompt for 2017-10-16

16/10/17 23:11
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Today's prompt is "from the east and from the west".
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Hi again!!
1) So i don’t remember much about this...all I remember is a scene where misha and other people from the crew were driving Jensen home as he broke his arm or something like that and he was all loopy and they were scared of Jared’s reaction to seeing jensen hurt he was very protective...its a short fic

2) any fic with protective and possessive jared and hurt jensen au or non au ... something like (just one breath) by kee

Thanks in advance
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Does anyone have a fic by deviant_dev "He's a regular Mr. Mom"? I would love to read it. Actually, I would love to read the stories of that author in general but unfortunately their journal was purged. So if someone has them and is willing to share I would really appreciate it :)
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Hi y'all! I'm in the mood for some angsty schmoopy goodness and I was hoping I could get some help. (self-recs more than welcome!)

1) Emotionally fragile Jensen

I would love fics where Jensen's got low self esteem, he's emotionally vulnerable... (a good example of what I'm looking for is Jensen in Schemes (Are Not Just for Melodramatic Bond Villains) by atimi (bertee)) It can be for whatever reason- past abuse, body issues, mental health disorder. Anything. As long as he gets all the schmoopy lovin' he deserves to sweeten up the angst!

2) Hurt!Jensen (even though #1 basically qualifies as hurt Jensen lol)

If there's anything out there where there's some sort of misunderstanding between the pairing, Jensen getting hurt because of it? Perhaps Jensen sees his partner with someone else and somehow assumes the worst, Jensen's partner accusing him of something he didn't do, whatever. I just need Jensen getting hurt somehow through a misunderstanding, big or small. (makeup schmoop and sexy times would be great!!)

SIDENOTE: I'll put the pairings I'd like in the tags (although there's no Chris/Jensen tag so I'll just mention that up here)- obviously what I'm expecting is a majority of J2, but if any of you have JDM/Jensen or Chris/Jensen fic that apply to this in ANY way, I would really really love them, because those are pairings I think I'm warming up to now, and I'm having a pretty hard time finding stuff!

ALSO, small warning, I'm a pretty big sub!Jensen girl. I also am a big bottom!Jensen girl, HOWEVER- if he's topping in a situation where he's still submissive, it works for me. Don't know why my preferences are so particular, but they are haha.

Anyway, this came out way longer than I expected so if you've made it this far then thank you! I hope I see some great fic coming my way! <3


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