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I've pretty much been a mess lately with all the stress-drama at work and haven't really had any time for fandom so after weeks and weeks of being away and comforting myself with a Teen Wolf marathon of Netflix (an episode a night), I ended up making this:

Fanart behind cut )

It's not the best but it's been a long long time since I've tried my hand at fanart of any kind so meh. And anyway, it's kept me highly amused with plot bunny after plot bunny of potential fics for it. My personal (cracky) favorite: eccentric fashion designer Stiles meeting grumpy faced ex-model Derek while in Paris during fashion week.

I don't even know. Don't judge me. It's fun. XD
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 I intended to share this much sooner but kept forgetting since I've been busy with making others like it and real life obligations. Much like almost everyone in the Dresden Files fandom I'm a big fan of [personal profile] luciazephyr 's writing and have been slowly but steadily creating personal fanzines for each of her finished fics.

The Stars and Scones Bakery and Coffee Shop was one of the first ones I did (before I started printing them into actual books) and is formatted for easy reading on the computer or e-reader. It is not optimized for printing so the margins are standard and there are not blank pages. Coverart is by Robinade and all other illustrations were found via google images.

You can download it here or preview it below the cut. It is in .pdf format.

Preview of Stars and Scones PDF )
I'll likely get share more PDFs later on this evening as well as from now on. It seems a shame to just let these sit on my external hard drive when other people could enjoy them. :)