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So after a few weeks of working on it, I've finally formatted the first story in LuciaZephyr's The Matter of Chicago series, other things the road to hell is paved with, into book format. Not zine format. There are no spiral bounds here. It's an actual book with book cover (I might change it since I'm not 100% satisfied with it) and the entire thing typeset to paperback perfection. I plan to do a test-run print on it for myself to double check the spacing -- I don't leave the traditional amount of space around the edges that most paperbacks do; less is better, in my opinion -- but it's done...and I'm excited! \o/

I always am when I finish formatting a book to print for myself, not only because I know I'll soon have that fic on my shelf forever after, but because it means I get to move onto the next one. The last book I did was for Observations on Sentinels and Guies in Victorian London by RyuuzaKochou and it turned out splendidly, though I did initally have spacing issues that drove me crazy. I'm kind of torn about what to do next -- another Sherlock Holmes fic? Suits, maybe? Something else entirely? -- but am already looking forward to the process. 

That said, and before anyone jumps on me for daring to book-format fics, I do this for myself and myself alone. I don't make profit on it it -- in fact, I spend money because I have to continuously get test-copies and even then I only pay the exact amount it costs to print the book up -- and never re-sell it or even share it. I want to share so I have someone(s) to squee with but without the author's permission it would be a really douche bag thing to do and I'm just not that kind of gal. I could share the .pdfs of it, I suppose, but whatever. It's still fun to do! 

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17/5/12 22:43 (UTC)
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Oh wow, how cool is that! I like your fic choices, too. :D

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18/5/12 16:15 (UTC)
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It's so hard to choose which fics to format -- I have an awful temptation to do every single one that I like, if only because I'm super "paranoid" about fics disappearing off the 'net these days.