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Title: A Change of Stars
Author: Prentice aka [personal profile] slyprentice
Rating: PG-13, for language. Gen
Pairing: K/S pre-slash/friendship
Status: WIP
Spoilers: Star Trek XI, Star Wars
Warning: Crossover madness. Wookies. Corellian Brandy. Jim as an idealistic young cadet padawan.
Summary: Based on a prompt by [livejournal.com profile] yami_no_kabi. Written for the [livejournal.com profile] st_xi_kink meme, found here.
Word Count: 2,010 for this part [6,593 in total]
Disclaimer: Neither of these will ever be mine and if they were then James T. Kirk would surely say, at least once, ‘have you ever made it with a wookie?’ because that’s the kind of person I am.
A/N: I'll be honest and say that I'm not entirely happy with this part. I've rewritten it five times and finally decided enough was enough. Also, I'll say up front that I haven't read the novelization of Star Trek XI and therefore don't know how closely my characterization of Galia lines up with the book. Keep that in mind. :)

Feedback is always welcome, as well as those pointing out any flubs I might have missed before posting.

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