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I've been playing about with the idea of making another fan video for a while, especially since I've been tagged with a few video challenges lately, and wanted to do something with 'The Show Must Go On' by Queen (love that song!). Thanks to a kind soul posting clean clips of Star Trek XI (just clips, sadly; not that it matters, I've already pre-ordered my dvd!) and a particular interesting challenge, I decided to go for it. This is the result!:

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Title: Go On
Vidder: Prentice
Music: The Show Must Go On by Queen
Video: Star Trek XI (Opening Scene; USS Kelvin)
Concept: The show must go on, even in the face of adversity.
Notes: This video was the product of the 'no-edits' video challenge. The basic premise of the challenge was to take a scene from your favorite film/show/mini and sync it with a piece of your favorite music without editing the actual video/clip. No edits were made to the actual video footage (yay!) and it synced up rather nicely, IMHO.
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Someone, I don't remember who now (I'm sorry!), tossed a fanvideo challenge to me a while back on livejournal that went something along the lines of: take one of your favorite things (movie, tv show, etc) and try to make a video out of the footage using as few edits as possible. Meaning no slicing and dicing. Well, I couldn't really beat the person who ended up doing two edits to their video but I did manage to make one with five (or possibly six) edits.

Naturally, it was for Star Trek XI. It was also for George Kirk.

Blame it on Red. And George Kirk.