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I haven't done this in a while because real life has been horrible to me lately but just to prove that I am still alive I thought I'd post something fun. The standard disclaimer applies to this: I don't have permission directly from the author as this is for my own personal enjoyment; it's not optimized for printing; cover art created by me with help from google images and deviant art with all artists properly credited. If the author stumbles upon this and would like me to take this down, please let me know!

For those unfamiliar to this particular (work-in-progress) series:

Summary: Tony Stark is a Guide and has known that most of his life, but all the money and time hasn't let him find his Sentinel. Justin Hammer is a dedicated pain in the ass and not someone Tony willingly associates with. Until a chance incident at an Expo reveals that Justin's a Sentinel, and in desperate need of help.

Pairing: Tony Stark/Justin Hammer.

Category: Sentinel Alternate Universe. (Justin's an Alpha Sentinel. Tony's his Guide.)


You can download it here.

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