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Every single time I sit down to watch Suits I always wonder why I'm not watching it more. It's just an awesome show with characters I feel stupidly invested in. Even so I haven't read many fics for it (yet) and this happens to be the first one I read...and it's a coffee shop AU. I have no regrets.

This zine only contains one fic: Grand Soy Triple Dirty Chai by friskaz. It has standard formatting, is not optimized for printing, and doesn't contain any fanart beyond a few graphics I was able to find via google images. In all it's a very simply formatted zine so don't look for anything spectacular.

You can download it here or see a preview of it below the cut:

If anyone has any suggestions for other fics that deserve a fanzine -- or maybe an anthology? -- feel free to nudge me in their directions. I make fanzines quite often when I have the time (I'm currently working on two at the moment) since all my fic reading is pretty much done on tablets these days thanks to my soon-to-be-ex workplace restrictions.